Giving Back

I learned from a young age that it is in giving that we receive.

I started this business with a mission to give back, to move beyond the bottom line.

I want to create a ripple effect whereby your investment in courses, portraits and video production subsidize my time to volunteer.


While I'm helping you learn how to translate your 'why' into a powerful story, I'm working 1:1 with nonprofits who are doing amazing work but can't afford to hire professionals.


As you're strategizing story, developing copy, and producing video marketing and photography, I'm helping organizations do the same.



As you're finding your voice, they're finding theirs.


My hope is to create a self-sustaining cycle while empowering voices and opening hearts and minds. Ambitious? Yes. But you make it possible!


Please join me on this journey. And when given permission, I'll let you know the impact of your contribution.


I'm currently focused on my hometowns of Sudbury, MA and Nashville, TN. If you know of nonprofits making a difference there, let me know!

Questions? Ideas?
I'd love to hear from you!
Right now, the world needs your gifts.
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