Hook + Hold

You want to have greater impact + influence? It's time to elevate your messaging. It's time to hook + hold your audience.

But how?


I'll make you a deal.


I'll show up in your inbox to explain how to translate your 'why' into a story that connects with your audience across platforms.


In return, you allow the possibility of a new way of thinking to emerge.

Otherwise, people are going to tell your story for you.


Story connects. Story builds trust.
I saw it first-hand as an international photojournalist, and I continue to see it every day as a video producer and strategist (see below).

I want to build a community of heart-centered, mission-driven leaders who want to make a difference in the world.


It doesn't matter how you define 'difference' or how you want to express yourself (video, photo, audio or text). It doesn't matter if your nonprofit or for-profit, mom + pop or global.  

If you have the courage to embrace vulnerability and share your story, you belong here.


Join our community filled with two-way streets where hitting 'reply' is encouraged.


Yes, send me Hook + Hold so I can craft my story and connect with my audience!
Right now, the world needs your gifts.
Join our HOOK + HOLD community to learn how to unleash your inner storyteller and connect with your audience, one human being at a time.

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