this is so much bigger than content marketing

Want to explode your organization's impact?

Find your voice + embrace vulnerability.

Then, tell your story in a way that plays to your strengths - forget the rest. 

Next, share your story + engage to build a hungry, passionate audience.

Finally, drop your one-of-a-kind message + watch the ripples roar. 

Video Personality

Forget expensive outsourcing. Crush video overwhelm with my L.I.F.T. Method, a fool-proof strategy to translate your organization's compelling story into a video that inspires action.


Learn everything you need to know before you press record, then stick around for ongoing support in our private online community.

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Storytelling 101

Your ability to captivate + influence starts with 'why.' Why do you do what you do?

Learn how to translate this critical answer into a narrative that connects across platforms, in mediums that play to your strengths.


Your audience is waiting.

Food Blogger
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1 Video, Any Camera

Bare bones to get you up and running with video - fast.


If you're ready to add video to your DIY toolkit + engage 133%* more effectively, this one's for you.

*Source: Neuro-Insight

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