My story

I'm standing on top of a school desk in the middle of the street, arms stretched above my head, camera craning to capture the scene of destruction. My eyes are stinging from the gas coming out of the earth. People are walking around in a daze, uncertain of what has happened and powerless to control what comes next.


It's 2010 and Haiti has just been struck by a devastating earthquake. Yesterday, I photographed bodies lying in the streets of Port-au-Prince.


But it's tomorrow that will be the beginning of the end of my news career - and the start of my mission to funnel creativity into forces for change.


How did I get here? A youth spent mesmerized by National Geographic magazines, a college fascination with the darkroom, decades of journaling, and a travel bug inherited from my grandmother that pushed me to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

Ten years and twelve countries later, a lot has changed, yet much remains the same.

Today, I pump my creative energy into everything - from working as a video strategist and producer for the MBA Program at Harvard Business School, to taking portraits in my hometowns of Sudbury, MA and Nashville, TN, to fostering an online community of leaders who realize the power of storytelling but need help getting from A to B.


My need to create and my passion for teaching are surpassed only by my desire to volunteer my time and talent to organizations who can't afford to hire professionals to tell their powerful stories.

My greatest loves:

  • family and community

  • empowering others (and being filled up in return)

  • learning + creating something new every day

  • giving back when so much has been given to me

Turns out this southern-raised but northern-living girl has always loved human connection and believes story - in words, pictures or video - can bridge all divides.

And yes, wanderlust remains...

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