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LET'S CAPTURE WHAT MAKES YOUR heart sing, together 

I'll make you a deal.

I'll choose the best lighting + camera angles.

You bring your courage + imperfections -

that's where the magic lies.

The best part?
Your commission goes  twice as far! 

After taking your portrait, I volunteer my time + services to nonprofits making a difference in people's lives. As you're hanging portraits on the wall, nonprofits are spreading messages of hope + motivating audiences to take action.

I'm on a mission to empower voices while strengthening communities.

Ambitious? Yes. Idealistic, even.

But I believe it can happen and have you to thank!

You've got questions. 

I've got answers.

Is it really worth hiring a professional photographer?


Cell phones are powerful. Selfies are fun. But when you want to put your best foot forward in business or create a family heirloom treasured for generations, call me.

I specialize in natural light portraiture ranging from families and seniors, to business leaders - even engagements.

When was the last time you printed cell phone pictures? How many frames on your camera roll are blurry or have objects coming out of someone's head? We've all been there, but it's time to put the phone down - well, after you call me :)

How much should I expect to invest?


$550 includes a one-hour* session fee + high resolution digitals of your entire collection. You can download, share + print as often as you'd like.

Remember, your contribution goes twice as far!

*Coverage more than one hour charged in 15min intervals @ $550/hr rate.

How long will my shoot last?

1 HR+

Sixty minutes is ideal. I go way beyond point + click to get you to shine. An hour is long enough to get acquainted + offers flexibility for a variety of scenes and/or outfits. The goal is for you to be comfortable + forget I'm there. Sometimes that happens right away; other times it takes a while.

What else do I need to know?

Let's start with email.

Send me an email to get the ball rolling: Tell me who will be in the picture + your hopes to make it special.


Once we've nailed down date + time (weekends preferred), I'll send you a contract, plus an invoice for a $100 deposit to hold your time slot.


Day-of your shoot, I'll be ready for anything - really! I've been known to stand on chairs or lay on the ground. And when we hit our groove, you'll catch a quick glimpse of frames on the back of my cameras.


48 hours after the shoot, you'll receive a final invoice for $450. Within 30 days, you'll receive an email with a link to your gallery. You can download high res files straight from the site, share with family + friends, even purchase prints if you're not a DIYer.


And if you can't find favorites, let me know. I love connecting with clients during the editing stage to find the frames that make your heart sing!

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