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IT'S IN giving THAT WE receive 

Your investment in portraits + videos subsidize my time to volunteer.


As I translate your 'why' into powerful portraits and video marketing, I work 1:1 with remarkable nonprofits that can't afford to hire professionals. 


As you're strategizing story, I'm helping them do the same.


As you're finding your voice, they're finding theirs.  

I want to create a self-sustaining cycle of empowering voices while strengthening communities.

Ambitious? Yes. But you make it possible!

Please join me on this journey. When given permission, I'll let you know the impact of your contribution. 

And if you know of nonprofits making a difference, let me know!


Soul Project.png

The Soul Project

Video Production

When former colleague Kristie Dean told me how she was empowering women + girls through the The Soul Project, I had to check it out. When I saw she offered mother / daughter workshops, I had to sign up. And when she told me her long-term vision, I had to help make it happen.

First up, a montage of powerful Soul Stories and a quick celebration of the Soulful Girls Club - because we are enough, just as we are.

MetroWest Nonprofit Network


I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to the MetroWest Nonprofit Network, an organization that connects hundreds of local nonprofits to resources, expertise and each other. I capture portraits of amazing leaders working tirelessly to make a difference. In turn, they get to put their best foot forward to attract support.


The Jiselle Lauren Foundation

Video Production

Their parenting journey didn't turn out the way Jill and Bailey Pratt planned, but from grief has come determination to help financially strapped families and organizations care for kids with special needs. Every gift to The Jiselle Lauren Foundation gives hope to another family or organization. I created the "Miracle Behind Our Mission" video on their homepage

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