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By industry standards, I'm failing miserably

An honest letter to my readers

I'm supposed to write every week. At least, that's what the content marketing experts say. It's how I'll stay top of mind so that when you hit a wall with storytelling you'll think, "Oh, I need to see what Mary Knox says about this."

And I'm supposed to post on social media several times a day, and include pictures of myself, and...

But I don't want to flood your inbox with inconsequential fluff.

And I don't think re-purposing the same 'happy' file photos is the right call given this unpredictable, uneasy moment in history.

Instead, when you see my name, I want you to want to stop in your tracks and read or watch whatever I've just published.

I want you to receive value in exchange for your precious time.

But that's not to say I don't think about you - my small but mighty audience - all the time. In fact, I write, film and photograph quite a bit with your needs in mind. It's just that 'send' doesn't get hit unless it's good - like really good.

Less is more, always.

If this means I have a tiny email list, I'm ok with that. If it means I won't find fame or fortune, I've never liked the spotlight.

No, what I'm after is to serve you, to translate all I've learned in 15+ years of producing videos, taking pictures and writing stories so you can get to where you need to go, faster.

Along the way, I hope to earn your trust and celebrate your wins. That's the currency that matters most to me. 

I want to build a community of heart-centered, mission-driven leaders who want to make a difference in the world and express that difference through story.

It doesn't matter how you define 'difference,' how large your world is, or what medium you choose to express your ideas. It doesn't matter if you're for-profit or nonprofit, big or small, mom + pop or global.

If you have the courage to embrace vulnerability and share your story in order to connect with your community, you belong here.

And since humans have been sharing stories for millennia, I think we're onto something. As long as you mean what you say and say what you mean (people can smell fake a mile away).

So what will you be brave enough to share with your community this week? 

Me? Well, this season is really hard. Some days I'm not even sure which way is up as I juggle a thousand things. But clarity is bulldozing through to speak to the concepts of creating powerful videos:

How to identify a visual story with heightened emotion.

Everything to know and do before you press record.

Navigating edits + approvals with ceaseless energy.

Much more to come.

Your friend,

Mary Knox


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