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It's More Than Just A Camera

It’s not about video or photography. It’s about telling a story in a way that inspires others to wonder what could be.

I’m driven by a desire to create beauty in the world.

And while I have huge admiration for anyone who can redesign a home, paint a beautiful picture, or even keep plants alive - believe me, I wish I could do all these things - I’m talking about a different kind of beauty.

What I love to do - and what I’ve practiced over decades - is capture beautiful life moments.

From photographing boisterous laughter between sisters, to recording the final days of my grandmother’s life, I’m drawn in by emotion.

Just today I was engulfed at work editing a video 18+ months in the making. Noise cancelling headphones on, I placed the final music track and shouted out, “YES!” with outstretched arms. My cubical-mates probably think I’m crazy. After all, who shows that kind of emotion?

Well, me.

I’m so excited about this video and the five others in the series. To know you’re at the start of something great, not because of technical prowess, but because the work goes deep, takes viewers on an emotional journey, and (hopefully) leaves them wanting more.

But it’s more than just the act of taking pictures, recording video, or editing that lights me up.

It’s bearing witness to a life and translating it in a way that draws others in.

It’s being part of a community of people driven by purpose who execute with Herculean effort.

It’s the challenge of navigating a complex narrative, then piecing it together in a way that magnifies the nuances of a message.

We chose video as the medium for this latest project, but it’s not about video. It’s about telling a story in a way that inspires others to wonder what could be.


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