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Humankind. Be both.

It's time to power our world with empathy and courage. It's time to value every voice, hear every story.

I stand, not with answers, but dripping in questions.

A suspension of disbelief no longer possible.

A journey continues.

Another step towards a brave, new world.

A world powered by empathy and currency exchanged in courage.

Where every voice is valued, every story heard.

One where we pause long enough to acknowledge our privilege and the ripple effect of our decisions.

One where ‘me’ is second to ‘we.’

But to get from here to there, we have to find our balance in dualities.

We are both monumental to some and minuscule to most.

Our comfort zones both restorative and restricting.

We must ground ourselves in truth, yet stretch to imagine, ‘What if?’

We must invite dissent so together we can learn all we don’t yet know.

The stories we’ve told ourselves aren’t necessarily true. Truth is a lot more nuanced because humans are messy.

So let’s look - really look - at what we think, believe, and shout from the rooftops.

Do we acknowledge the dignity and worth of everyone?

Do we leave space to question?

Let’s move - not just offer thoughts and prayers - because actions speak louder than words.

Join me.


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