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How To Create A Nonprofit Video That Moves Mountains - Not Pebbles

On assignment in Ladakh, India and back home creating videos


From zero to done in 5 steps.

Get the roadmap and start making videos!


I totally get it. 

Your community’s needs are exploding. You’re overworked, understaffed, and never could have anticipated the strains of a worldwide pandemic.

And yet, your heart-centered, mission-driven, never-ceasing energy keeps inching you forward.

What’s more, you know where you want to go. More people knowing about the difference you’re making. More people talking about your organization, so much so that the name conjures the exact image and feeling you want.

Why do you want this?

So you can have all the funds you need to increase your impact.

Cue camera - or whatever recording device you already have

How do you get from your mission to my heart as quickly as possible? Open up your phone, laptop, GoPro - anything with a camera - and start talking. 

Sit beside me and tell a story that I can relate to. Tell me about one person you served at one point in time. Tell me the details of their temperament, perspective on life, day-to-day realities. 

Talk to me as if you and I go way back - casual, friendly, intentional.

Don’t bring up stats unless they help set the scene.

Then, tell me how the person’s perspective shifted ever so slightly after your paths crossed. Of course they would have survived without you, but tell me something they said that signaled that because of your organization, they chose right instead of left.

But wait! Shouldn't I explain what we do and talk about everyone we're helping?



Because in order to donate (especially multiple times), something in me has to shift. I need to simultaneously relate to the person you served - to say, “Wow, that could’ve been me,” and to feel like you’ve just opened the door to join your community.

That’s right - community. 

Allow me to join your mission. Show me (don’t tell me) how my money can be one of many collective parts that can change a life’s trajectory. 

Empower me during this unsettling pandemic. Give me a community to connect with and a purpose to serve. Invite me into your inner circle and make me a hero.

And then, tell me your 'why'

Up until now, this video has been about someone else’s story and how your organization made a difference in their life. 

Now, it’s time to talk about you.

Tell me why you do what you do. Why did you join your organization? Do you relate to the community you serve because of something that happened in your life? 

Storytelling takes courage. But the more real you can make it, the more I’ll admire you and want to support your mission. And you know what - I bet something similar happened to me or someone I love.

Close with the ask

You’ve captured my heart. What’s next?

Do I sign up for a bi-monthly email newsletter where you’ll keep telling me these amazing stories so it's crystal clear how my donations are making an impact?

Or do I hit the donate button? Wait - how far does $20 / $50 / $100+ take your nonprofit?

If you’re near my hometown, do you need volunteers?  

The possibilities are endless, so choose wisely.


From zero to done in 5 steps.

Get the roadmap and start making videos!


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