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Video Marketing Personalized To Your Lane of Genius

Forget ‘must-have’ video lists. Instead, figure out how you can show up honest and real - because people can smell fake a mile away.

Google ‘video marketing strategy’ and hundreds of results break down the ‘should’s’ and ‘supposed-to’s’ of video.

But how do you take all that information and decide what’s best for YOUR organization?

Your unique voice and comfort zone?

Your brand’s personality?

Don’t make videos that check a box. Create content that connects.

Instead of looking at what to do on a ‘must-have’ list, assess your organization's greatest needs and natural strengths.

Learn why and when certain types of video progress your audience’s journey at different times.

Then, merge your audience’s needs with what you can authentically deliver.

Today’s goal: Create a customized video strategy in your lane of genius.

Step #1: Video starts with YOU.

Video is powerful, but people can smell fake a mile away.

Before committing precious time and resources, think about how your organization (i.e. people) can pull back the curtain and show up authentically.

Outgoing and love the camera?

Weekly Facebook Lives or IGTV on Instagram will help build rapport and trust. How about a five-day challenge that educates and inspires people to action?

Camera shy but willing to try if you’re not the main event?

Webinars can put the spotlight on your knowledge, and short Q&As at the end are goldmines for 1:1 connection.

Terrified of the blinking red (or solid green) light?

Produce scripted voice overs or audio slideshows with stock in advance. Tie it up with a nice bow, then hit publish.

In other words, embrace your comfort zone and forget the rest.

Step #2: What does your audience need?

Marketing helps people get from A to B. You have to reach people where they are and lead them to where they need to go, highlighting how you can help along the way.

Would joining your community put them in more alignment with who they are?

Yes, I said ‘community.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re for-profit or nonprofit, offer products or services. When someone invests, they identify with your mission and want to support you. YOU, not the product. YOU, because you’re helping create the change they want to see in the world.

Your organization (even if it’s one person) is a living, breathing thing. And people buy, invest, or donate because they connect with you as a person. Which means, the humans behind your organization are your greatest asset.

To build awareness, create an ‘about us’ video telling the story of your organization. Show the passion behind your mission. Explain the basics of how you help ABC cause with every purchase, or stretch every dollar with XYZ% of donations going directly into the hands of those you serve.

The best part? General videos appeal across audiences and platforms. However, since you’re at the top of the marketing funnel, your call to action (and conversion) is limited to signing up for your newsletter or following you on social media.

Do they need more knowledge to make a well-informed decision?

Webinars are a great way to educate. While you’re diving deep into a topic, you’re also building trust and raising your profile.

Pick a topic near and dear to your audience’s heart. Follow news headlines and jump in when you can offer a unique perspective. You live and breathe your mission every day - don’t underestimate the value of your knowledge.

Want your audience - who already knows and loves you - to take action?

The further down the marketing funnel, the more you need to be front and center.

How-to’s or demos of your product, testimonials as social proof of your value, even going live on Facebook or Instagram can help people cross the finish line.

After all, trust is required to take action. How do you build trust? By making emotional connections.

Want to surprise and delight to foster a raving fan base?

Film a quick selfie video thanking them for putting their trust in you. Express excitement that they’re part of your community (not just a dollar sign to you).

Don’t just create video for the sake of video. Be intentional. Embrace your comfort zone and forget the ‘should's’ and ‘supposed-to’s’.

Step 3: Merge what your audience needs with what YOU can authentically(!) deliver.

Enter: The reimagined video marketing funnel customized to your personality.

For the extroverts

You’re ready to be front and center and engage in conversation. Let’s go!

A video marketing strategy for extroverts that reimagines a marketing funnel merging audience needs with what you can authentically deliver. Created by Mary Knox Miller.

For the introverts

You’d rather take a back seat and let information or product shine. You’re still going to have to show up, but on your terms.

A video marketing strategy for introverts that reimagines a marketing funnel merging audience needs with what you can authentically deliver. Created by Mary Knox Miller.

The best part? Regardless of where you begin, your comfort zone will expand and you’ll be ready to try more techniques.

Video isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Ready to get started? I’ve got your roadmap!


Ready to get started with video? (+ FAST?)

From zero to done in 5 steps!


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