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I Am Still Listening

I need to take another moment to catch my breath and acknowledge the heaviness of the world.

The world has always been heavy - just not for all of us.

And so, I continue to listen. 

I need to listen to better understand and tell the story.

When you choose to step into the role of leader (all of us can) after coming from a life of privilege, you must embrace humility.

Because a leader is the first one to say, “I don’t know, but I’m going to find someone who does.”

Because a leader will get in the trenches to help others rise out of discomfort and pain.

Because a leader cares more about empowering others than themselves.

I don’t know what the future holds - no one does. And yes, that’s really hard for a Type A, Enneagram 3 like me.

But I do know that I can give.

Give my time.

Give my knowledge.

Give my heart.

If I can show you all the mistakes I made so you don't have to, then I'm willing to put myself out there.


The best part of teaching is learning.

Every time I try to empower others with knowledge - the most valuable currency - I end up learning ten times more.

I want to learn from perspectives that are wildly different than mine. I want to be challenged. I want my eyes to open even further.

And so, I am listening.

What about you?


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